a ‘little’ rant about eyk

So, I think you guys probably already know that, but eatyourkimchi is using my fanart on their website. (since November/2012). Wow, sounds pretty cool,huh? Well, actually….. not quite.

so, here’s the story: I decided to make a fanart for them, since I’ve always been a big fan of Simon and Martina (since 2008!!!). During the middle of the process, coincidentally, they posted this on their tumblr page,asking for someone to make drawings for them to put on their “about” page on their website. After reading that post I got REALLY EXCITED.  What could be cooler than getting your artwork recognized by people you admire so much? So with the biggest smile on my face, I decided to accept the challenge and draw them new pictures for their website. I spent hours making those drawings, even though I was super busy with studies. But I didn’t care. It was for my idols, after all.

And then, a few months later, eatyourkimchi.com finally reveals the new layout. My heart is beating fast. “Did they choose my work?” I clicked the link…… and literally started freaking out. I COULD NOT BELIEVE my humble fanart was chosen to illustrate their website. I was so happy I started jumping and screaming. I was so proud I showed that to all my friends. It was like a dream come true. However, after a few minutes of spazzing, I came back to my senses and I noticed a little thing: Simon and Martina did not credit me for my work.

I instantly got…. a little upset, but I thought it was ok. Maybe they’ve accidentally forgotten to put the credits?^^”

I then decided to send them a message on facebook:


I waited, waited, but no one replied me.

I tried twitter. I have lost count of how many mentions I’ve sent them there. But unfortunately, no one replied me.

I started getting a little pissed off.

I tried tumblr.

I sent them about 3 or 4 long messages.


Now, It’s been 3 months and I didn’t get any kind of response from neither of them.

I know that Simon and Martina are pretty famous, but there’s NO WAY ALL MY DAMN MESSAGES got unnoticed on their inbox. Furthermore, I noticed that recently they replied to a whole bunch of messages…… but none of those were mine.

And you know what’s the most upsetting part of this story? I didn’t even get a single "thank you" from them. I wasn’t expecting ANY kind of payment at all; but seriosuly??? Not even a “thank you”????

You may think I’m overreacting, but let’s recall what they said on that  post on their blog that I’ve mentioned earlier:

" If we pick your artwork, we’d of course give you full credit for your artwork on the About Us page on our website! "


" Some of our past fan art is totally awesome, but we didn’t want to use it without permission from the artist.  If you want to re-send it to us, we’ll know that it’s okay to choose from! ^^ "

I don’t know, but all this story makes me think that they didn’t want to pay for a designer/illustrator, so they picked a random loser (((me))) to do the job for them; for free.

… .

I feel used. 

I’m not even watching their videos anymore. I feel sad because, apparently, neither Simon nor Martina gives a single fuck about me, who used to be such a big fan of them.

I still hope that someday they’ll reply to me and say, at least, “thank you”…… but at this point I’m so sad that all I want is for them to take my art out from their site.

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